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Just incase ya’ll missed the exhibition (thelockeddownexhibition) here is the spoken word visual I produced for it. Written and directed by me. Please read the artist statement below to understand the context (if you’d like to of course). Thank you, enjoy!✨ This spoken word adeptly named name creates a personal exploration into the intimate emotions felt throughout the various lockdowns during the COVID 19 pandemic. The spoken word is compiled of a simple and soft spoken word which address all the inner emotions I experienced throughout the last year, this is further explored with raw and simplistic visuals. I have used this as a personal reflection into the last year, creating a sense of security and reassurance allowing for a very personal and reflective piece which many people whose lives have been affected by the lockdowns throughout the last year. I wanted to create a personal piece of work that is also contrasted with the ideas that anyone can relate and make a connection to the work. I have used my knowledge in creating interesting visuals via the use of editing and my more commercial work combined with a more personal and unique piece of work that, at first felt daunting and unusual yet this spoken word allowed me to ease through these difficulties to create this work. #yinksplatform #spokenwordvisual #lockeddownexhibition #creative #conceptualphotography #conceptartist #conceptualartist #video #conceptualart #spokenword #ukcreative #videographer #abstract #visualartwork #conceptualartist #conceptualcreatives #contentcreator #theraputicart #shortfilm #abstractpeice #movingimage #visualpoetry #spokenwordpoetry #poetry
Light Dancing
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