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Oyinkansola Popoola also known as 'Yinks' is a freelance photographer, videographer and social media content producer from London. She has many inspirations but in particular black culture and modern-day fashion. 


In 2020, she graduated with a First-Class degree from De Montfort University after studying photography and video. Further developing her knowledge and creativity throughout her degree and collaborations with other artists. 


Furthermore, she has had the privilege of working with professional artists and photographers such as Dennis Pedersen, Faisal Abdu'allah and many more with a few a-list exhibitions to her belt. Her work has allowed her to be headhunted by the media for coverage even while she was in high school.


Oyinkansola’s favourite work is her ‘The Woman Objectification Project’ which was a photographic exploration of how women are objectified in everyday life or in the media. The work also highlights and challenges the issues of women objectification. 


She is open to working in different fields and exploring visual arts in its different aspects. Oyinkansola's passion for creativity within visual arts is something she enjoys and takes pride in. According to Oyinkansola, she says “I love being able to create memories for people, capturing crucial moments in stills and motion as it brings joy to my heart and my clients". 



The Lockeddown Exhibition

Virtual {}, April 2021


The Wall Art Exhibition

10A Bishop St, Methodist Church, Leicester, February 2020 

We Are Raw DMU

44A The Basement, Leicester, March 2019 

Exploring Identity Through Photography

Autograph ABP, Rivington Place, London, December 2016


City of Westminster College, London, July 2016

Securing Our Futures 

Trend Micro, London, March 2016

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